Remind Me Chair

August 29, 2007

This chair is made of 6 pack rings (the stuff the holds canned beers) that decompose after 3 months in direct sunlight, and the frame can be deconstructed to apply another layer of rings when needed. Nice.

Extract from NotCot

Nokia 500 Auto Navigation

August 29, 2007


In-car GPS Navigator has been around for a while, then Nokia thought of a mobile navigator… and then Nokia realised, “Hey! If I have the facilities, capabilities and brand name, why don’t I just make standalone navigator and take the big market share!”

The GPS unit doubles as a Bluetooth handsfree set, and the regionally-tuned mapping software can offer up contact details of points along the way, which means a quick click-to-call without looking up numbers for, say, hotels and restaurants.
A built in MP3 player will beam tunes to your car radio via FM, and there are photo slideshow and video functions for times when the split screen traffic info service fails to bail you out of gridlock. Due in Europe this fall for €300, with a Worldwide rollout soon after.
Oh my… its affordable…

Extract from Nokia

Genie in a Bottle

August 29, 2007

Silicone rubber bottle stopper keep your vino fresh with a Genie to guard over the left-overs when you can’t make it to the bottom of a full bottle!

Extract from shopmodi