Laser cut neoprene molded to form the ‘airflow’ cushion structure.
For the light fitting itself, it is held in a plastic cylinder and encased in a rubber foam structure. The structure is squashable which is a protective feature for the light fitting and adds a great tactile appeal.

Sensual materials

Lauren Moriarty designs and manufactures products which explore the potential of pattern, materials and 3-dimensional textiles. “Femine interiors are about more than pretty pastels and traditional floral prints, while patterns and colour is important. The simple sophistication of white is also appealing, with textures like lace and pleats adding interest. Sensuality is the key so choose tactile and intriguing materials that cast beautiful shadows.”


Her Noodle Block range of lighting, cushions and interior cubes came from a fascination for the effects that can be created when a pattern is put into repeat. Each structure can be squashed and bounces back to its original form. These are products with great visual and tactile appeal.

Extract from lauren moriarty



Carrying around a spare SD, miniSD or microSD card in your pocket is just asking for accidental misplacement. But this little SD Card-eating man is the perfect thing to keep your memory cards close to your cellphone and camera while livening it up at the same time.

Extract from funshop

Butterfly Effect Lampshade

August 23, 2007

Reminded me of a 70’s wall clock I used to stare at a long time ago of a waterfall and mesmerising lighting effects… unfortunately, most products in this era is mostly static…

Extract from lauren moriarty