Kaynemaile mesh is a chainmail made of polycarbonate (Makrolon) rings. Kaynemaile has developed a fully-automated construction process which utilises a patented modified injection-molding machine that allows a single polycarbonate ring to be moulded within multiple other rings.
The result is a continuous and seamless product that is lightweight, but very strong, with no inherent points of weakness through individual joins.

Extract from Kaynemaile

BlackHoney Fruit Bowl

August 22, 2007


Manufactured and distributed by Materialise, this bowl is made of epoxy resin using stereolithographic 3-D printing. “The final form is a contrast between hard and soft,” says Levy, who made the honeycomb pattern slightly irregular to give the sensation of a living biological material. “If you put an orange in the bowl, you have the feeling the bowl is going to eat it.”

Extract from Materialise

Nevermind the fact that this thing is straight-up fugly. Here’s a great example of an object that’s been designed with a direct function in mind. Whether you just cleaned out IKEA or actually work in a shop, this Magwear magnetic wrist band surely won’t disappoint…but for USD18, you will wish there was at least some kind of ergonomic wrist-hugging curve or a more thought-out band or something. But at the least, you won’t go nuts looking for bolts.

Extract from UncommonGoods