Link Mugs

August 21, 2007


We’ve all done it at one time or another – tried to carry one mug too many rather than use a tray. The result is predictable – burnt fingers and stains on the carpet.

So, inspired by the quintessential builder’s mug, Jon has developed an ingenious solution to this problem – mugs that link together. An elegantly formed cross on the side of each mug fits neatly into the next, forming a self supporting row of up to 6 mugs. So there’s no tray, no mess and absolutely no fuss.

Extract from Yanko Design

One Response to “Link Mugs”

  1. andy tonna Says:

    what is the point in these mugs?
    from a practical point of view, how easy is it to clean the inside of the mug.
    also how easy is it to pull the mugs apart when they are filled with liquid, surely you will spill hot liquid all over yourself. not good.
    they look like they are made from plastic, therefore surely the little connectors sticking out will be prone to snapping off, therefore a child safety hazard.

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