August 10, 2007


Forget the Wiimote, this humble German-engineered device houses a racing game controlled by your powerful stream of urine. Designed to promote taxis as an alternative to drunk driving, the Piss-Screen shocks drunkards with a brutal car crash when they inevitably ram their virtual roadster into oncoming traffic. Apparently if you’re too drunk to play a video game with your junk, you’re too drunk to drive home.
Should have this in all pubs and discos… its will be quite entertaining…

Extract from Piss-Screen


USD13,300 replica of an Audi Auto Union Type C roadster, a perfect 1:2 scale copy of the classic Grand Prix race car. It’s a car that only goes as fast as the little tyke can pump its pedals. It’s built to the same standards of a fine full-sized automobile.

Extract from autoblog