Apple iMac-Santa Rosa

August 9, 2007

The new iMac… so unreal…

Apple borrowed the aluminum finish that it has previously reserved for its professional products, remaking the iMac in black and silver and taking a few inches off its waist. A glass display completes the look, along with a new slimmer keyboard and Intel’s latest processors.

Extract from Apple, CNET Asia


Happy Birthday Singapore!
Check out these HedKase styled paper Transformer toys designed by NiceBunny. Download Optimus Prime or BumbleBee, print, assemble and have fun this holiday… well I mean if you are really that bored today and staying at home rather than watching the fireworks and the first National Day Parade on the water of Singapore…

Extract from NiceBunny


The “Super Tiny Micro SD Card Reader” gets about as small as physically possible at a mere 25.5 x 12 x 4.5 mm to read Micro SD and and T-Flash media, while still connecting to a normal USB 2.0 port.

Extract from Brando


August 9, 2007


Growing out of the wall like a plant, PlugLight is an ambient feature light that utilises the wall socket in more ways than one.
Designer Felix de Pass has figured out how to make a lighting filament out of different-colored materials and sculpt them into the shape of a flower. Attaching the bulb to a flexible support that plugs directly into the wall, the result is PlugLight, a charming decorative light that ends up being a pleasant little decoration.

Extract from pluglight