Letter Rings

August 7, 2007

Typewriter balls as rings… in Courier 10, Touch Type, and Privy Seal.

Courier 10. The WORLD consists of letters. One can count them on 1 finger. 1 ring is 1 promise, for LOVE is a universal LANGUAGE that is understood everywhere and anywhere.

The Touch Type is a ring with the visible words I FEEL HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME engraved in mirror-image, where the words I LOVE YOU are written in touchable brail script

Privy Seal. AMO ERGO SUM – surrounded by letters – one signet with two numerical ciphers, 0 and 1, like on and off, yes and no, to indicate who I am and what I want. The binary numerical system enables 32 signet rings.

Extract from EVE Design

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