High-end speaker producer Bowers & Wilkins (known on the street as B&W) is going all Hindenburg on your iPod dock. Named after its obvious inspiration, B&W’s Zeppelin is a two-foot-long black ellipsoid with a bundle of goodies hidden inside, including a 5-inch subwoofer, four speakers and an amp that can pump out 100 watts of power. It’ll also handle the classic iPod dock jobs like streaming pictures and videos to a TV. USD599…

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Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

August 5, 2007


The G9 mouse is the most customizable mouse Logitech has ever built. With an unprecedented number of adjustable features, gamers can tune their mouse settings for better performance, fit, feel and looks. Key Features after the jump.

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Magnetic Toaster Tongs

August 5, 2007


Getting toast out of your toaster without lighting your fingers (or eyes, if you turn it upside down and shake) on fire is difficult. With these magnetic toaster tongs, you can reach in and grab your toast, then stick the tongs back on the side of your toaster when you’re done. Sure, wooden tongs means they may actually light on fire too…

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