Rainbow Moments Candles

August 4, 2007


Blue and white flames are so yesterday—red, green and orange are where it’s at now. And by replacing standard candle wax with various minerals and crystals, Rainbow Moments Candles can produce these flames in the comfort of your own home. You can get them as both birthday candles or the decorative kind, or buy colored lamp fluid and make your camping trip that much more exciting.

Extract from Rainbow Moments

Lightspeaker Lamp

August 4, 2007


The Lightspeaker Lamp from Sweden’s LYX Furniture and Light features a “tweeter” and “woofer” which reflect light instead of sound. There’s even a little “volume” knob which is actually a dimmer for the lamp. The coiled power cable is also more like a telephone cord than a source of electricity.
Designer Michael Malmborg’s unique lighting fixture produces a soft white glow, since most of the light is reflected back into the frosted acrylic “acoustic” chamber.
“The fact is that most of the reflecting light bounces back into the box, making it glow, and doesn’t blind the spectator. The design however, has a much more dazzling effect.”

Extract from Lyx

Ceppo Chair

August 4, 2007


The stump, which comes from a tree section, shows on its surface many concentric rings that represent the natural growth of that part of wood. Ceppo Chair is definitely inspired by this look at the nature and presents a structure thought as it was excavated in a tree trunk. The seat is made of wooden concentric rings, joined with resistant and flexible fiber. Despite the slight downfall while sitting, the customer is immediately going to feel the great comfort Ceppo Chair has been thought for.

Extract from coscadesign