August 1, 2007


S2 Hammer, designed with a split head that reduces the shock to the hands and arms of the user. Hammer testers say this tool can drive a nail to the hilt with just two strikes.


This revolutionary new hammer design secured a U.S. utility Patent with 27 claims. The Split-Head hammer offers many new features never seen before in the industry such as integrated overstrike plates, modular head construction, and elastomeric shockgaskets…
Still a hammer to me.

Extract from ATOMdesign

Fostex GY-1 Speaker

August 1, 2007

Designed for use with portable media players and computers, this compact speaker from Fostex cranks reflects its sound waves all around you.

The Fostex GY-1 amplified speaker has a unique case design that looks kind of like the tip of a missile. By forcing sound downward against a tabletop, the speaker radiates a 360-degree soundfield so you don’t need multiple speakers. The cool blue LED glow coming from under the speaker makes it look like it’s floating on your table top.

Extract from Fostex