Samsung SGH-P520

July 26, 2007

The Samsung SGH-P520 is a triband GSM phone supporting EDGE data connection. Similar to LG Prada phone, it has only call answering buttons at the front. This calculator size phone is only 8.9mm thickness. But this does not limit the camera module, a 3 megapixel camera module is used on the phone. 50MB internal memory will be sufficient for normal used. The micro SD card slot can always helps in keeping all the multimedia files. Best of all the phone might come with built in WiFi for UMA.

I always falls in love with a Samsung P series calculator phones… but has yet to own one… still looking for a sponsor.

Extract from Samsung

One Response to “Samsung SGH-P520”

  1. goldcoaster Says:

    What a nice looking phone. I would rather real button than a touch screen as I like pressing the buttons (sms etc.) without looking at the phone – can’t do that with a touch screen.

    Also I thing Samsung doesn’t have very good software/firmware for there phones. My business phone is a Samsung a701 – nice enough phone but it is lacking some very basic features that most business phones have such as the abilty to make a default number for a contact (eg Bob in your contacts has a mobile number a home number and a work number, you should be able to choose which is the default to ring if you enter.) Lots of little things like that make a great phone and Samsung doesn’t quite do that yet.

    For me Sony Ericsson has the best GUI for use.

    – GoldCoaster

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