The concept Samsung SS700 designed by Jin Woo Han takes the two great things about digital photography and simplifies them – quickly snapping pictures and showing them off. The slim profile is undercut by a large round barrel for easy gripping. There aren’t any buttons of menu settings to fuss with it. The camera does all the thinking for you. All you do is point and shoot.


The screen is large and bright enough to act as a display and with a built-in kick stand, just set it on top of your side table for the family to enjoy.

Extract from Yanko Design

Samsung SGH-P520

July 26, 2007

The Samsung SGH-P520 is a triband GSM phone supporting EDGE data connection. Similar to LG Prada phone, it has only call answering buttons at the front. This calculator size phone is only 8.9mm thickness. But this does not limit the camera module, a 3 megapixel camera module is used on the phone. 50MB internal memory will be sufficient for normal used. The micro SD card slot can always helps in keeping all the multimedia files. Best of all the phone might come with built in WiFi for UMA.

I always falls in love with a Samsung P series calculator phones… but has yet to own one… still looking for a sponsor.

Extract from Samsung

Ceramic Money Hammer

July 26, 2007


What, you may be asking, is a ceramic money hammer? Conventional wisdom and history would have you believe that breaking open your ceramic piggy bank with a hammer is the only way to get at your saved pennies. The designers at have simply taken out the middle man and built the bank into the hammer. When you need that extra change, simply break the hammer and watch your riches pour out!

This certainly doesn’t make any financial sense considering the Money Hammer Bank itself retails for a whopping USD60. I suspect that dollar bills would fare better than coins with this, but then the spirit would be missing if it wasn’t filled up with coins.

Extract from Unica