Shower Wizard Lizard™

July 24, 2007


This large Shower Wizard Lizard™ is one foot long and can hold shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. Fill the lizard with your favourite liquid for bathtime and squeeze it’s body to squirt out of the lizard’s mouth.
When the Wizard Lizard is sprayed with hot water it changes colour.
Each foot is fitted with a suction cup so you can easily place the lizard anywhere in your bathroom. A special cap in it’s mouth is designed to prevent any dribbles even when facing down.

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Rod Shelf

July 24, 2007

Simple rod holds books and serves as bookends.. very neat.

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Calla Chair

July 24, 2007


The Calla Chair named for the lily that is its inspiration is a high chair that telescopes outward to bring your child closer as you spoon out the yucky baby food…

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In today’s world, maintaining self confidence involves the need for self protection. For independent, self-reliant women, the TASER® C2 is an effective protection device that fits any lifestyle.
Now you can hurt people in style… no more primitive electric fork thingies…

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