Sony sleek Net Sharing Cam designed for the popular social networking sites, You Tube and video blogs.

According to director of product marketing at Sony Electronics ‘People who upload videos frequently are looking for solutions to easily get their personal content online in a few simple steps, so we developed the Net-Sharing CAM to be intuitive…It can be used as an everyday communication device, which can also be personalized to quickly share short video clips and photos online.’

Look like ancient cassette player I feel…

Extract from SonyStyle

Random pic of the week

July 23, 2007


The Tunnel House is a real installation made by artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. They saw any opportunity to do something freaking crazy cool to a space that was going to be destroyed and turned this old house into a trippy wooden warp zone!

Extract from designverb

Dippy Egg Set

July 23, 2007

Now you can microwave eggs without the explosion, and cut even sized bread sticks to dip them in your half boiled eggs…


see, it takes so long for somebody to invent an apparatus for people who like to microwaves all their food but couldn’t do it with things that always explodes and creates a mess… hmm… what else explodes in microwaves?

Extract from firebox