Starck Veiled

July 13, 2007


Designer Philippe Starck is a master of modern minimalism, and his latest timepiece is no exception.

His Veiled Watch cleverly conceals an analog watch face behind a specially electroplated crystal that looks like a continuation of the stainless steel watch band. The entire design is perfectly flush with the case, creating a striking illusion that the watch is just a continuous metal bracelet.

Even the time-setting crown pushes flush into the back of the case, eliminating any distraction from the clean lines of the watch.

Extract from Fossil

Logitech MX Air Mouse

July 13, 2007


Logitech MX Air Mouse bridge the gap between mouse and remote control with a touch-sensitive scroll-panel (instead of a scroll wheel) and a dedicated pause/play and volume control. You can apparently push the volume button and then flick the mouse to the left or right to increase and decrease volume. In the air, innovative Freespace™ motion sensing transforms hand motions into natural, responsive cursor controls. Sit back and listen to music, browse photos, or surf the Web—from your desk or across the room. No more carpal tunnel syndrome? or more broken vase… reminds me of the wii.

Extract from Logitech