Corn Stripper

July 31, 2007


OXO approached TODA with the task of designing and engineering a simple, handheld device intended to assist in the removal of corn kernels from the cob of cooked corn. The objective was to deliver a comfortable, safe and functional product that would meet the product performance requirements.
The end product is this Corn Stripper. In one swift motion you can strip them off into the container. No mess. Sweet.

Extract from TODA

New Marlboro Packaging

July 31, 2007

Real thing or concept? Looks real to me… and the Russians loves extra long filters…

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Signature Rocking Chair

July 31, 2007

New Zealand grown American Black Walnut. A Contemporary Heirloom. USD 8,550. I can’t argue… Looks so handcrafted, organic and tree wasting it’s sinful…

Extract from  Essenze

Paw Jacuzzi for Dogs

July 31, 2007


After your dog has been out on a long photo shoot, it’s essential that he or she take the time to relax as well as clean those mucky paws. This paw jacuzzi is the perfect way of doing so, and comes with a special super-absorbent mat and towel for drying off. Get it in either pink or blue for 5,800 yen (£23/USD48).
I don’t even have one…

Extract from Amazon Japan


Instead of reaching for a traditional cold, plastic dimmer switch, imagine adjusting your lights with just a touch of soft, inviting fabric. A simple tap of the tufted textile sensor turns on, off or dims the lights.


ESSENTIAL™ Wall Dimmers transform a purely mechanical task into an intriguing sensual experience and add a beautiful touch of contemporary design to an otherwise plain wall.

Extract from ifm


Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendonitis are no match for the GripGlider™. Use this simple, effective exercise device for just a few minutes a day to improve range of motion, dexterity and endurance and help relieve pain. Dozens of exercises, including a gentle rocking glide and tension band stretches, help strengthen your hands and wrists, as well as your arms.

I just try to blog less…

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Random pic of the week

July 30, 2007

Landscape Sample Rings?… miniature, artificial worlds within the context of jewelry. Working with model railroad landscape materials to create tiny snapshots of the natural world, scenes that can trick the eyes into believing they are seeing something much larger. In several pieces, this deceit is challenged by the combination of these small constructed natural forms with full scale, cast sterling branches which, in material, are equally unreal and illusionary.

Extract from Sarah Hood