May 21, 2007


Invented by a man who absolutely hates picking up after his dog, The Sha-Poopie™ makes the job both easier and less unpleasant. No bending, no trying to use a stick to scrape dog poop onto a newspaper or, worse yet, using a plastic bag to actually pick up it up!
Once your dog deposits his waste in the cup, you just press on the ground to retract the pole, then snap the lid shut and dispose.
What about the dogs’ privacy and modesty?

Extract from Solutions

MP3 Pebble Object

May 21, 2007


What if a line of MP3 players could be designed to resemble an array of pebbles scattered along an ocean’s shore? Or like a basketful of heirloom tomatoes at a farmers’ market? Imagine the possibilities of mass customizing with such diversity in mind How would it change the way we interact with devices? How would it change the experience of consumption? How would it impact the human-product relationship?

Why not envision production methodology anew, as a result of more organic processes? Just imagine: a near future where we still make a single product in large volumes, but we do so more randomly, intuitively, eclectically.

Extract from nonobjectbook

When life becomes bored or meaningless, we pay SGD9.50 for a horror show to scare ourselves shitless… Maybe this a solution to an expensive problem… Scare yourself everytime you bath, as many times as you want, free… No you cannot buy this… I think you have to get a designer or artist friend to help plaster one of this to your bathroom, at the same time maybe you can make it more grotesque with some green or red colours?

Extract from Chris Dimino