Mamma Rocking Chair

May 20, 2007


The concept for the rocking chair is a touching tribute by industrial designer Patrick Messier to Sophie Fournier, his partner in life and business, who has given birth to their first child in February 2005. Like a ribbon suspended in space, the MAMMA rocking chair is made from a single piece of fiberglass with curves designed on a grid based on the Fibonacci sequence and has a special high gloss urethane finish. USD6,000!

Extract from babygeared

HideAway Cozy

May 20, 2007


Reinterpreting the security blanket. Linus will be proud. We all have these moments when we wish the world could just stop existing for a while. Whether it’s to get away from a personal crisis or from universal threats, from time to time all we want to do is curl up and hide. Pre-shaped in the hiding-position, this cover has a snug fit and is easy to use. you can get into it fast and easy, anywhere and at any time.

Extract from art olive