The New Velcro

May 19, 2007

Leonard Duffy “slidingly engaging fasteners” link up easily and silently, don’t wear down over time, and support eight times the weight that the stuff on your jacket can with plastic straps that bind together through matching, interlocking grids of little hexagonal or triangular islands. Duffy has used them to replace the laces on sneakers and the straps on ski gloves and wristwatches and to seal a breathable, waterproof cast he calls the Unitary Wrap.
All these because he is fedup with his broken zipper and problems with his sister-in-law’s cast for her broken arm made him reinvent the velcro.

Each plastic strap consists of an alternating series of 1/8-inch-wide perforations and small islands that can be almost any geometric shape. To bind two together, you line up the islands on one with the gaps on the other and snap them tight.

Extract from Popular Science

Hybrid Alarm Clock

May 19, 2007

This alarm is a mix between a minute counter used in cooking and a normal alarm. There are two ways of use: like a normal alarm, selecting the hour to wake up or selecting the hours of sleep needed, 3-5-8 hours. To stop the alarm there is a big red button on the top. It is, at the same time, a pulsing light that can substitute the alarm sound to avoid to waking up other people.

Extract from Yanko Design

Dopie Naked Shoes

May 19, 2007


First there was Crocs, now there is Dopie.
Dopie, the newest and most revolutionary filpflop on the market, has met a fantastic reception when first made available in London stores. It evolved over a long time of researching different shapes and materials to find the ultimate in minimal footwear. Dopie has two integral slots on each side of the foot, so that an optional velcro strap can be added for extra support on particularly adventurous manoevers…

Extract from Dopie