Peel a banana, unzip an orange or shuck an ear of corn-just like the real thing! Made of durable, easy to clean vinyl, these realistic produce open through a variety of clever methods to reveal their insides. Now your kids can grow up knowing how to feed themselves… that is if they don’t assume the real fruits come with zips… they even have breads with pictures…

Extract from Dimples and Dandelions

Boynq Saturn Speakers

May 17, 2007


The Boynq Saturn is a USB powered travel & laptop speaker. A 5W RMS full range driver measuring 3” puts out distortion free sound and magnetically shielded so interference from your cell phone won’t bother your tunes of movie watching. The Saturn turns on and off via a Wii like motion sensing switch allowing you to place the Saturn on its back to turn it off and set it upright to turn it on.

Extract from Boynq