Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2

May 9, 2007

EarSet 2 is the latest handsfree mobile headset from Bang & Olufssen. Real attention has been paid to detail here, and unfortunately, it’s reflected in the price. Still, if you have £211 going spare, you might do well to take advantage of this very stylish and well thought out headset. EarSet 2 is designed with digital signal processing technology that eliminates background noise and boasts very high transmission quality due to its two omni-directional microphones. The shiny aluminium and soft-touch black plastic make an appealing and sensory design, and the ringing melody is even adapted for use close to the ear.

Extract from B&O

One Response to “Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2”

  1. chanbansal Says:

    This does look like a very cool headset but as you say it is very pricy. But then if you are serious about your calls then the noice reduction might be a bonus. It depends on what it looks like on. It is hard to judge the scale on the picture.

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