SegaToys created a new chicken robot to services and comfort the people in our new urban loneliness. The chick has touch sensors that trigger it to do nothing but chirps and cheeps or flap its wings when its back is stroked. It cannot, however, move… All you need to do is ensure it receives a constant supply of fresh batteries lest it be muted for good. The Robot Chick never ever grow up, chirping until its internal circuits give up the ghost.

Extract from Reuters

Pop-Up Book of Lights

April 8, 2007

Isn’t this neat? You’ll really surprise everyone with this beautifully innocent book. The book of lights pop up protagonist emits a tabletop warming glow. A wonderfully crafted and cleverly folded lamp springs to life from the hardy white pages of the bound book, powered by a simple low voltage adapter. Finally a coffee table book that you’ll actually open.
This product/ book/ light must sell well…

Extract from unica