Pollen Removal Booth

April 7, 2007

In the land of the rising sun, germs are a concern. That’s why this USD15,900 “air shower” actually exists there, forcing despondent salarymen to subject themselves to a crazy wind tunnel that sucks the pollen and germs out of hiding in their various creases and crevasses before they enter an office building.

They used to just eat sushi for long life…

Extract from sanki

Baby Spoon Plane

April 7, 2007

No need for any more aeroplane noises and trying to get the kids to eat once you have attached this plane to your cutlery! You can create an instant transformation with this Baby Plane and fool the children into eating up.

Actually, it never occur to me that you can make your own unique paper plane and attach to the spoon so your child gets a different plane (of any other professional object that your child is excited with) everyday rather than buying a spoon that looks like a plane.

Extract from drinkstuff.com