float pilsner flutes

January 31, 2007


The float pilsner flutes can be used to serve hot or cold liquids. The suspended bowl design at the bottom of the glasses serves to elevate condensation away from the table surface, making the use of a coaster unnecessary. When used for cold drinks, beads of moisture from condensation cling to the rounded underbelly of the glass, adding delicacy to the optical effect. Whatever you serve, it is the liquid inside which is emphasized, becoming a lens of liquid color, suspended within the glass, projecting a play of colored light onto the table surface.

Extract from molo design

Zink Pocket Printer

January 31, 2007

Polaroid reborn? Zink, a company whose first product will be a stand-alone printer that’s about the size of a deck of cards. This one-button printer is designed to easily connect to a camera phone, and will cost around USD100. No ink to buy… just the prints… Did not say how much is the prints though… but I do remember Polaroid prints used to cost a bomb each…

Extract from Zink, Don Dodge

Rocket Fishing Rod

January 31, 2007


As if fishing is not muscle degenerative enough sitting by the lake the whole day without moving an inch…

The Rocket Fishing Rod eliminates the need for casting out and incorporates a mechanism which fires out hook, line and sinkers within a unique and patented capsule that will double as a float when in the water, alerting the user when a fish is biting the bait. The only effort now is to reel in  for retrieval of line with or without fish.

Extract from gadgetshop

They are Champagne Bucket and Bowl… These items are made entirely out of Surlyn, a material commonly used in molded luxury goods… debuting exclusively at two locations in New York City, one in Miami Beach and one in Chicago through April 2007.

Extract from NOTCOT

iPod Shuffle in Color

January 30, 2007

The USD79 iPod shuffle now available in your choice of pink, green, blue, and even a new tasty orange flavor. Still 1GB, still 12 hours off battery, still doesn’t play radio…

Extract from Apple Store

Samsung i7

January 30, 2007


Samsung i7 compact camera features 7.2 Megapixel CCD, 3x optical zoom, Unique 180 degrees rotating LCD display, 3-inch LCD monitor, MP3 support, Advanced Shake Reduction technology, 1600 ISO support… and oh… nice back view…

Extract from letsgodigital

Random pic of the week

January 29, 2007

Kit Kat that you can drink… only in the land of the rising sun…

Diablo Watering Can

January 29, 2007

A rainwater collection watering can, that divorced itself from the other banal everyday cans.

Extract from pure modern

MP3 3tt3

January 28, 2007

The designer says that you can navigate using the side keys and the ring or just use the ring as a hole for your lanyard… nice… but isn’t it a bit excessive? Either keep the frame or the ring, not both… but its nice if I don’t think about it and be critical…

Update: Greg says “It’s because you can use also the frame to put the Mp3 player on your belt.”

Extract from greg-garden

Klop filtering ashtray

January 28, 2007

Klop is a filtering ashtray, using plant leaves. It’s can be also an object to measure the cigarette smoke effect on smoker environment, the more your smoke, the more the plant is sick, made of ceramics and recyled plastics. Actually I can do the same by not watering the plant and deprive it of sunlight… hey… actually it makes sense too, the smoker will die without water and sun too… Seriously, I like this concept.

Extract from greg-garden