Blend Karim Rashid

December 24, 2006

A vertical storage space from Karim Rashid’s first collection for Horm. One of Karim’s millions of designs revolving around his egyptian symbols and brain teasing graphics, this one here must take a very long time to clean out the dust…

Extract from Generate

This mobiBLU Cubisto digital audio player from Korea comes in two sizes, 1GB and 2GB and plays MP3 and WMA files formats. The thing about this player is that its been around for quite a while but the way they create a new packagings around this form is quite interesting. Due to its small size, it can be design to be carried around like jewelries and accessories… changing a design each day to fit your attire for the day.  

Extract from mobiBLU

Discovery Cabinet and Drawers

December 24, 2006

Beauty in design is in the details. Available as door or drawer unit system, both which use the intriguing peeled corner detail as an aesthetic and functional feature. The drawer system uses the peel detail to reveal a splash of the coloured internal drawer carcass.

Extract from Richard Shed

Steel pipe Man-orah

December 24, 2006

Do you know that the menorah originated from a religious thingy from the Jews… quite an interesting history. Anyway, this Man-orah is a re-interpretation of it using steel pipes to reconstruct the symbol and its simpler than molding the actually thing. Very nice and industrial…

Extract from two string jane