Looks like ancient 80s and at the same time 21st Century, Onkyo’s Wavio VR-1000J relying on Memory Sticks and SD Cards for storage that you can pop directly into your PSP or other video-capable device. In addition to PSP compatible video, it’ll also record in the 3GPP, 3GPP2, and ASF video formats, with three video quality settings (maxing out at 320×240, 30 fps). On the audio front, you’ll only get AAC, G.726, and AMR formats. Available in Japan on Christmas with a price tag of 20,ooo Yen.

Extract from Akihabara

One Shot Stool

December 22, 2006

Most traditional folding chair designs are often bulky and unwieldy. Belgian design company Materialise.MGX solved this folding chair dilemma with their beautifully designed One Shot Stool. With rapid prototyping production, they’ve created a chair that gracefully twists from a narrow staff into a functional stool in a matter of seconds.

Extract from materialise-mgx