Marla Dawn Tea for Two teaset

December 18, 2006

Serve your partner and you in double quick time so both can continue with the gossiping with less interruption.
“Tea for Two” by Marla Dawn features a unique double spouted teapot. Each set is complete with one 64 oz teapot, two 8 oz teacups, and one saucer. Available in three colors and styles for USD100 per set.

Extract from iloveuma

It is the exceptional expression of the fragance’s unique & mysterious attraction. More than a bottle, this all female form is a love philtre that can cast a seductive spell at a touch. The embossed tangled tendrils of wild rose branches cature the bottle in a dangerous, mysterious way. The purple-fuchsia degradation of the glass exudes sensuality, glamour and vintage style. It is the perfect waepon for every seductress in her boudoir. Nice…

Extract from Miss Sixty

Lucky Beer

December 18, 2006


Once upon a time, gold rush chinese and australian miners, good friends came upon a scroll which read:

“The path to the heaven flows with liquid gold, and luck is the inheritance of the chosen few.”

It was a secret they kept and they prospered over many generations and were called the Lucky men. And they decided to share their find… or something like that as the story goes… anyway… I like the bottle…

Only in Australia… you can find. If you are in Australia, then lucky you…

Extract from Luckydrinkco

Random pic of the week

December 18, 2006

Plug it in and it starts humping… don’t believe, click on the link and watch the video. Revolutionary… keeps the user entertained while doing its job….. of saving data.

Extract from Digital World Tokyo