Microwave Vase

December 17, 2006

Microwave Vase is the microwave oven that could help busy people heat quickly and easily on the table. When it is not used, it is also can be a beauty factor of the interior like a flower vase. By putting the food into the cap and adjusting the timer, users can heat the food simply and easily. As the adjusted time is up, a leaf on top of the microwave oven indicates that heating is done by lighting up.

I wander what happens when you lift up the cap while microwaving halfway… will you be cooked?

Extracted from Yanko Design

Is your live too exciting? Do you need something that makes feel a bit like a idiot? Can’t sleep?… maybe u wanna try this chameleon that just sits there and rolls its eyes whilst flick its tongue…continuously…

Extract from Everything USB

WaterPik Nasal Irrigation

December 17, 2006

The gadget fits up either nostril and shoots an irrigation solution, which is made up of one part water and a small bit of salt. I can think of a lot of uses for this thing… but I don’t feel too positive to stuff this up my nose and spray a jet of water…

Extract from Amazon.com

Electrolux Vacuum shoes

December 17, 2006

Very simple concept, walk around to clean the floor… but not intelligent enough… maybe can use for big empty floors without cabinets and other furniture… so still deserve some merit…

Extract from T3

Clock Mech Insects

December 17, 2006

Insect Lab makes mechanical insect displays. By taking high quality preserved insects and imbuing them with watch parts, Insect Lab created cybernetic sculptures, each one unique.

What was on my mind in an instance was that it will not be too far a future when real insects become bionicsĀ  and do the works of man in area of defence, civil, psychology, crime, society, research, repairs, medicinalĀ and more… just like what we see in Science Fictions of the past.

Extract from Insect Lab