KU 100 dummy

December 16, 2006


The KU 100 dummy head is a replica of the human head with a microphone built into each ear. The KU 100 dummy head is a binaural stereo microphone. It resembles the human head and has two microphone capsules built into the ears. When listening through high-quality headphones it gives the illusion of being right at the scene of the acoustic events. The KU 100 comes in a robust aluminum carrying case, together with an external power supply unit, a 5-pin XLR cable, and an adapter cable that splits the 5-pin XLR output into two 3-pin XLR connectors.

The dummy head is frequently used to examine and document the influence of noise in industrial applications at various working places under realistic conditions.
I thought it was a new crash test dummy model…

Extract from Georg Neumann GmbH

The Can of the Year 2006

December 16, 2006


The aluminium bottle for Coca-Cola’s Blak coffee-cola drink won this year’s Can of the Year award.
The award was presented during The Canmaker Summit conference held in Spain from October 10-11.

Heineken is the Delegates choice 2006 Winner

Click on the link to see more real nice cans and bottles…

Extract from SPG Events