Cereal Bowl Lamp

December 15, 2006

Cereal Bowl Light turns on by touching the metal spoon sticking out of the bowl. The lamp uses actual Fruit Loops for the cereal and was created by Wanderlust Designs and is available from Etsy for $89.98 and comes in a variety of colors including different blues, pinks, greens and orange but custom orders for color and bowl size can apparently be accommodated.

Extract from Etsy


Stick-a-knife-in-the-pirate’s-barrel is one of those classic children’s games that every kid plays in the 70s… The idea is to try not to make the pirate pop out when you stab him on your turn (you go around the room, taking turns stabbing him). This camouflage-print cell phone strap version of the game, with matching knives that also attach to your phone so they don’t get lost. They come in four different colors. The keychain version even comes with a little coffin for your dead pirate.

Extract from Rakuten

BenQ 2007 Gaming LCD FP241VW

December 15, 2006

One of BenQ’s new 2007 gamer-core market LCD lineup. Sporting 1920 x 1200 pixels, 2ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratios and 500 nits of brightness, VGA and DVI plugs, S-video, composite and component inputs at USD1499… what strange hooks at the top…

Extract from Engadget

Sony Ericsson Ai… W880i

December 15, 2006

Sony Ericsson Ai the concept has resurfaced in a stainless steel candy bar look and renamed W880i… Looks like it can kill, looks painful! I don’t feel inpressed anymore. Nice slim machine yes? Bagged with Picture blogging; PictBridge; Face warp application; flight mode; IM; full HTML browser with RSS; USB mass storage; PC synchronization; 3G

Updated 060207

Extract from Mobile Metalism, CNET Asia