This corn starch plastic container is made from poyactide (“PLA”). Natureworks PLA is a unique polymer that behaves like P.E.T. ( a petroleum-based plastic) in the manufacturing process. PLA has great organoleptic characteristics and is excellent for food contact and related packaging applications. Biodegrades in just 80 days in commercial compost systems.

In English, it means you can refill this thing with tap water and drink it with peace in mind, and it will disintegrate after sometime and saves the earth from more pollution. 

Extract from NewWaveEnviro

Flashing Pushpin Memo Holder

December 12, 2006

For those who sometimes need more than a gentle reminder, the oversized pushpin holds a note, reminder or to-do list and, when pushed completely into the base, a light flashes to draw extra attention to your message. The Notice board has just become more noticeable… great idea.

Extract from The Container Shop