Aiyoh… Is this about anger or showing an innocence hiding a danger waiting to happen…

Extract from Berstein & Andriulli

Your momma… action figure

December 11, 2006

Your Momma, an angry single mother who takes no guff. Very different from your typical cute teddy bear and bad boy soft vinyl toy figures… This mama smokes, carries a child, wears bedroom slippers and fake yellow wig, fending for her child and herself… A new anti hero?

Extract from Bernstein & Andriulli

This lamp ‘blooms’ – changing its shape and thus lit expression – when energy consumption in a household has been low for some time, thus reflecting the cycles of local energy use. In order to make the lamp more beautiful, a change in behaviour is needed.

Or is it saying that your actions are not good for the economy, so let me waste some money for you…

Extract from STATIC!

The Turn Table PC, which features a DJ equipment-like design on the front cover, virtual 5.1-channel surround speakers and a LED touch-sensor keyboard, is targeted for personal entertainment.

The Japanese computer maker also unveiled the Ultra Mobile device, an ultra-portable tablet PC which sports the same compact dimensions as a CD jacket for entertainment on-the-go. It is designed for operation via the touchscreen display and buttons on the sides.

Very unique, yes?

Extract from CNET Asia

Random pic of the week

December 11, 2006

Finally, we are privileged to witness how beetles procreate… in missionary position… but I can’t tell which is male…