Motorola RIZR Z3

December 10, 2006

When will the “ZRs” end. Motorola RIZR (or riser?) is a very smooth slider. It’s much narrower than the V3, measuring 45mm wide, but a little taller (105mm) and thicker (16mm). It features a 2-megapixel camera with LED photo light and an MP3 player that supports AAC, AAC+ and AAC+ enhanced and will be launch end 2006?  Okay, I am bored already…

Extract from CNET Asia

Bang & Olufsen Serene

December 10, 2006


This phone has been around for a while isn’t it? Or not? I have seen it online for quite a while… but only today did I get a clear picture like this.

When closed, the Serene has a curved trapezoidal clamshell design and appears to be covered in black soft-touch plastic accented with a chrome-finish hinge. A charger jack sits on one side of the top flap while a tiny camera lens is housed on the other (shoot pictures sideways???), and you need to unscrew to remove the cover and access the battery as well as the SIM card.

By nudging the phone flap slightly, an internal motor will open and close by the phone by itself. A rotary-style keypad on the top and the screen on the bottom to prevent it from being smudged with your oily face. Has 2.2-inch, 262,000-color screen but the only menu color option is a black background with blue highlights and white text. Navigating the phone via the click wheel within the keypad. SGD 2,500 for a bare-bones features tri-band phone. What for?

Extract from CNET Asia

Eat a laughing buddha pudding, achieve enlightenment, happiness… Every set contains 4 single-dose (125ml.) in different colours,pistachio, orange, chocolate and rasberry.


Extract from nobodyandco

Lexon Mini Hook Golf Umbrella

December 10, 2006

A hook at the bottom end of the umbrella lets you hook it on ur bag or pants, better than holding it all day or keeping a wet umbrella in your bag.

Extract from greenergrassdesign

Slice Onion post-it!

December 10, 2006

This post-it pad won the Kokuyo Design award. The theme was “leaves.” Each layer looks slightly different from the one before it, and the translucency and texture make it really feel like you are peeling off thinly cut layers of the onion.

If it comes with the stink to make you weep… that would be even more something… nice… even got the gloss on the sides…

Extract from Kokuyo