This little amusement came to Singapore at the beginning of this year, and it amazed me so much that I bought it without much thought. If you need an answer to that all important question (like do you thing I am ugly today) then ask an Unazukin doll. Simply ask a question (”Am I a pervert?, does my bum look big?, will I be called a wuss for buying this?”) and Unazukins will answer with a yes (one nod), a definite yes (two nods), a no (one head shake), or a definite no (double head shake). Yes, it really works… as if it reads your thoughts and feelings…

Extract from FireBox

Proton Gen2: A review

December 9, 2006

A Proton Gen 2 is just an ordinary car… but most often ordinary things are made special by the user. The above is a sponsored 1.3l Gen 2 for the West Tigers that does bring some roar visually although the car itself has a nice vroom vroom…

I got the 1.6l yesterday. Brought it onto the highway and brought it to 90km/hr… then came the storm (and i did not even switch on the headlights and the fog lights that came only with the 1.6l versions -_-“). The steering is tight and heavy… good control when travelling at high speed… The ride is smooth with almost no vibrations. The Gen 2 is developed or inspired (as most often written in reviews) by the Lotus group and thus everything in and out has that sports feel and look, even the comfortable leather seats with high head rest. The seat is also low giving the driver a good feel of riding in an F1 racer. Proprietary 16-valve CAMPRO engine with Double Overhead-Camshaft produces 110 bhp. Directional signals switch are on the right like most intercontinental cars thus I tend to activate the wiper instead (well, I was not used to it).

Electronic side mirror control, spacious, power window switches in between the driver and front passenger seat, cruise controls, dual SRS airbags, Blaupunkt sound system designed and built in for Gen 2 with volume and track change on the steering, glowing red controls, visuals and switches, 60/40 back seats allow flat fold down, big enough to put at least 4 mountain bikes, and I added dark films on the windows and windscreens to block the sun and prying eyes, and rain guards.

The bad? Turning radius is not small enough, no storage compartment in the front, high fuel consumption (my assumption), 0-100km is a bit slow (mine’s an auto), still an unpopular brand (I call it ‘unappreciated and mis-interpreted race’), then again unpopularity means my car is more unique on the streets.

Extract from Proton2020