Rocking Cube

December 4, 2006

When time goes by, human gets depressed by events and start to look to the past, so called “Good Old Days”… even though the good old days wasn’t that great too. Anyway, so retro objects are remembered and reinterpreted like the Kur Di Ka and today I come acros the Rocking Cube.

The seat area originates from the formal gesture of pushing the material through the body of the object. The wooden veneer at the inner side of the chair creates warmth and coziness. Foam is used to create softness at the appropriate places.

Extract from Jessica Nebel

Kerosene Light bulb

December 4, 2006

Sometimes when you can’t afford something, the best alternative is an imitation… With the world crude oil price at USD62/barrel, maybe using kerosene is cheaper than electricity…

Extract from EcoGeek

Russo-Balt Impression

December 4, 2006


Russian company Russo-Baltique have unveiled their Impression supercar at the Villa d’Este gardens on the eve of their 100th anniversary. The Impression is powered by a Mercedes-Benz V12 which offers 555 bhp. Its chassis is made from carbon fibre to ensure both ample weight and rigidity. They will be delivered at a rate of three per year and with a price tag of 50 million rubles or 1.8 million dollars!

Russo-Baltique history began in 1907 with 30-hp open two-seater, and by 1912, a special sport model won two first awards in the Monte-Carlo Rally. From there, they appealed to his royal highness Nicholas II of Russia, and produced some of the most well appointed cars before his forced abdication in 1917. Today, the modern Russo-Baltique is built for a King that enjoys exclusivity and performance. Outwardly, the car is thoroughly modern: it has sweeping lines and unusual proportions which could only come from such a distinct area. Inside, the interior is trumped by an extensive use of Zebrano wood which is hand crafted from a single Trunk of the African tree. And despite is tight proportions the Impression has space for four and the performance of to match almost any other supercar.

Extracted from Supercars

Random pic of the week

December 4, 2006

Can you resist it? Don’t you want to pull it apart and let go?… Two things can happen to you if you do that. Either you burn your fingers or you burn your pocket replacing them everytime you let your urge overcome you.