kotztierchen stain camoflage

November 28, 2006

Lola, a messy eater, has somehow managed again to get a nasty stain on her shirt just before going out. But the fantastic ‘kotztierchen’ gives the stain a purpose by simply making it part of her outfit.

This is an excuse to eat like a slob… but what if curry is splated all over? Put more dogs?

Extract from missgeschickladylapsus

Contemporary Doggy Bed

November 28, 2006

Mija beds are crafted from 10mm thick acrylic and furnished with luxury faux suede cushions, filled with shredded ‘memory foam’ incorporating a wealth of innovations, these luxury beds are made to exacting standards. Comes with dining table too. The dog has made it.

Extract from WOWBOW

Maybe it can save some space. Print your name on a stretched rubber piece then release and it recovered to its original smaller size. The name card is designed for a personal trainer and it is difficult to read until it is stretched. Only those people desperate enough will stretch your namecard to read your number… A design mayhem or special? I wander if the trainer got any business after that.

Extract from Advertising/design goodness

Sucker “Hook”

November 28, 2006


So simple… so rubbery… one piece molding. Pushing in the ball creates the suction necessary to become a wall hook.

Extract from retromodern

Tape Timer

November 28, 2006


There’s no need to hunch over and squint at the counter clockwise dials of an old-fashioned timer. Just pull up the measuring tape – marked with minute lines up to 60 – and watch it descend back into the timer, ringing as it reaches its destination. You can see from afar how many minutes are left with the length of the tape, and get an exact idea up close with the precise measurements of this aluminum accent. Imported. No batteries required.

I can do the same thing too with a measuring tape by locking it just a bit and let it coil back… but it really is a fresh idea.

Extract from Uncommon Goods