Mitsubishi IH rice cooker

November 27, 2006


Induction heating rice cookers are all the rage in Japan, with the top of the range model being Mitsubishi’s Wclass NJ-WS10. Mitsubishi claims that this rice cooker makes better rice than other IH rice cookers because it has an inner pot made of solid carbon, rather than the carbon-coated ferromagnetic inner pot that comes with other IH rice cookers. The 7.5mm thick carbon pot, hand-made in China from a solid carbon ingot, even comes with its own serial number. 115,000 yen (about US$994).

I don’t know what’s the big deal… if you buy lousy rice, the cooker will not make a difference. So why I post it? Because it’s black.

Extract from Mitsubishi Electric


2 Responses to “Mitsubishi IH rice cooker”

  1. I want “very much” to purchase the “NJWS10 rice cooker; but can not find anywhere to purchase this rice cooker in the United STates – can anyone help.

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