Mitsubishi IH rice cooker

November 27, 2006


Induction heating rice cookers are all the rage in Japan, with the top of the range model being Mitsubishi’s Wclass NJ-WS10. Mitsubishi claims that this rice cooker makes better rice than other IH rice cookers because it has an inner pot made of solid carbon, rather than the carbon-coated ferromagnetic inner pot that comes with other IH rice cookers. The 7.5mm thick carbon pot, hand-made in China from a solid carbon ingot, even comes with its own serial number. 115,000 yen (about US$994).

I don’t know what’s the big deal… if you buy lousy rice, the cooker will not make a difference. So why I post it? Because it’s black.

Extract from Mitsubishi Electric


O-ring Digi by Starck

November 27, 2006

I saw this Fossil watch by Starck yesterday at Metro departmental store. I thought it was just a digital watch with a mirror in the center and I was wandering what for. Today, I saw it online… with a hole in the center and I was wandering what for again… but hey! Its a hole!…

Extract from Fossil

Discovery Bubble Gum Factory

November 27, 2006

This Christmas buy your kid a bubble gum factory… maybe he or she will grow up to be the next Willy Wonka. It didn’t say how it works… probably mix latex with food flavoring and chew?

You’ll make it, flavor it, color it, shape it and wrap it. Share it with your friends or chew it all yourself; it’s your gum after all! You can make sour gum, color-change gum, spicy gum and even gooey center-filled gum – or try mixing the flavors to create a really unique taste. With 2 month manufacturer’s warranty. After 2 months you die?

Extract from Discovery Channel Store

Stokke Gravity Balans chair

November 27, 2006

Remember this Pello chair from Ikea that’s been selling for ages and still selling? Now check out this chair claiming “Probably the closest you’ll ever get to zero gravity”. The chair is manufactured by the Dutch Stokke and it promises to bring comfortable sitting to a next level. The chair features four positions, being suitable therefore for a wide range of situations.

From a comfortable working position to a reclined position and a feeling of almost weightless. The sloping seat allows wider space between the thigh and the upper part of the body, while the leg cushions prevent sliding forward when working at a table. When leaning back your legs will be lifted higher than your head providing you with the best position for relaxation and well-being! Click the link to see how it works.

Extract from Stokke

Random pic of the week

November 27, 2006

Shit! Nope, it’s soap! Coffee scented too… and your dog can get beaten to death because of it… so please handle with care…

Extracted from Nope, it’s soap!