Processed out of polyurethane resin and coated with a special velvety paint (Soft-touch), in black colour. Naoto Fukasawa Twist – Groove Pencil Holders makes your insignificant pencils seems more valuable (or maybe the pencils are nice with its glossy finish).

Hmm… making a block of nothing sellable…

Extract from bonluxat


shu uemura Rouge Unlimited

November 26, 2006

The beauty of form and function are always emphasized more in cosmetic packagings then any other products in the market. Don’t believe go and see cosmetic departments in shopping malls. Its very hard to find an ugly lipstick! And they never promotes the design… fish scale is primary concern, design secondary. Very nice.

Extract from shu uemura

X4 four times the watch

November 26, 2006


A concept watch with 2 watch faces and two sided straps, thus 4 options. Flip the watch or the strap with a double sided snap lock on the edge of the rubber strap. A nice concept to rival the Tag Heuer Monaco sixty-nine. 

Extract from Agustin Otegui

esby studio Sarah Clock

November 26, 2006

So simple, so different. A flower head with flexible graphite stem.

Extract from Design Public