Its so messy but it still make sense… The Contactbox collects and hides cords and chargers, leaving your charger easy to find and with no more tangled messy cords (or at least on the outside).

Extract from Contactboxen

Ruby Cube

November 25, 2006


Ruby Cube… a very expensive piece of…. cube. Based on the original Rubik’s cube, this sidetable consists of the same colour “special acrylic plates” (two tone) that change color when viewed from different angles. Colors change from dark green to grey to aubergine. USD399 for (360 x  360 x  360)mm worth of acrylic and medium density fibre board.

Categorized in Big Things and Tables but I thought it could be more of a stool…

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Doodle, Scan, Sweep left and right… This could be a very good way of communicating to somebody from a distance! Excellent!

Extract from Rakuten

Credit Card Alarm

November 25, 2006


The Credit Card Alarm is an intelligent card case, that beeps every twenty seconds when empty. For the absent-minded and the often haste and confusion involved when paying with a credit card in a restaurant, at the mall, or taxi. While you are concentrating on packing your shopping and signing the receipt, there is always a risk of forgetting your card.

Extract from Bim Bam Banana

VICTORINOX s.beat MP3 Player

November 25, 2006

The s.beat comes in 1GB and 2GB flavors, with a 4GB version in the works. There’s support for MP3, WMA and OGG Vorbis, a voice recorder and FM radio with six presets. At 74 x 22 x 24mm size, you also get a blade, a pair of scissors and a nail file/screwdriver. There’s also a flight version, too, sans tools. Comes with a protective cover for the USB connection.

Extract from Victorinox