If you think the Mimobots are too cute for your liking or that they insulted your favorite characters for havin’ bunny ears, you could get these 256mb metal USB drive that hangs around your neck instead for 4,893 Yen. Oh btw… they are almost sold out…

Extract from Rakuten

SoundArt Canvas Art speakers

November 23, 2006

“Put simply, one or two canvas speakers, sleek subwoofer box, your choice of picture and, of course, your choice of music. No complicated set-up, just hang on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you.”

It didn’t say how it works but I assume its flat speakers glued to the paintings… and a hidden subwoofer somewhere in the room. The quality of sound must have been sacrificed… or not?

Extract from SoundArt


Music lifestyle brand V-MODA unveiled VIBE, a revolutionary noise-isolating modaphone that allows discerning music enthusiasts to experience
state-of-the-art audio on the go. The all-metal design of VIBE is lightweight, micro-size and has ultra-soft silicon fittings. At a suggested retail price of USD101, it’s expensive but nice…

Extract from v-moda

R2D2 USB drive

November 23, 2006

The force is complete and I guessed wrong the fourth time… haizz… R2D2, the last of four characters from the Star Wars mimobot Series 1! R2D2 with bunny ears, hot butt, and limbs…. cuter than the original.

Extract from Mimoco