The Towcycle

November 22, 2006


A motorcycle with a special attachment on the back of the bike unfolds via a series of pistons and motors to reveal a trailer that can actually be used to tow cars. Woohoo! Nice… Like Gundam! But I wander about its credibility…

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Fujitsu ST5111 Tablet PC

November 22, 2006

Fujitsu  Stylistic ST5111 tablet PCs, looks like a tablet, not a notebook. Featuring Intel’s Core Duo ULV (ultra-low voltage) U2500 processors, 10.4-inch screen, the largest front-lit reflective display in the industry optimized for outdoor viewing and direct sunlight conditions, 4GB max RAM, 100GB SATA HDD and Intel 950 integrated graphics. Connectivity include WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, Firewire and a PCMCIA slot. Proportionately nice…

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The Full Page Illuminator Set

November 22, 2006


This is the perfect night reading light!

Unlike common reading lights that clip onto books, illuminate limited portions of text, this LED book light set shines evenly over the page you are reading, without radiating excess light that can disturb others. A distortion-free, optical-grade lens clearly displays the page without magnification while resting on top of a standard book, holding it flat as you read. Requires four AAA batteries for 40 hours of continuous use and doesn’t scratch…

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Darth Vader nut cracker

November 22, 2006

Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalalala…. acquire the service of Darth Vader to crack your nuts this christmas. The nutcracker is handcrafted from select European hardwoods, decorated, and handpainted to depict the features and characteristics portrayed in the Star Wars movies. For decorative purposes only. First in the Star Wars series of Nutcrackers, the Lord of the Sith stands at 18 1/2″, draped in a vinyl cape and capped by his signature black helmet. He holds his red lightsaber and is decorated with details including vinyl boots, his breathing apparatus, and chest control unit.

At USD349.95, it’s an expensive decoration and there’s a Yoda version too.

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National Electronics’ see-through dryer and see-through fridge… refreshing… can see your food rot too without opening it. The dryer uses natural dry air to do its job, and the fridge has a “low waist line” to cater for heavy juice packs…

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