Triumph NO! Shopping bag Bra

November 16, 2006

With the latest version of the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law specifically stating the reduction of plastic bag consumption as one of Japan’s key objectives, world famous lingerie maker Truimph International Japan has lifted the curtain on a brand new brassiere that doubles up as a shopping bag.

The “No! Shopping Bag Bra” is hoped to vastly reduced the use of plastic bags by shoppers in Japan, carrying their melons and other groceries in their converted underwear instead. It takes just a short while to put together the bra into the form of a shopping bag.

Questions: How to remove bra at the checkout counter? After removing the bra, is it okay to jiggle your breast? Is holding up your breast more important or the water melons? What is the girl in the photo shopping in her underwear?

Extract from Triumph Japan

Vertigo – Flueless Fire

November 16, 2006

My first impression… an LCD fireplace… then I realised it doesn’t make sense… because there’s no heat… So, this is an actual fireplace… mounted on the wall and its flueless.

Define Flue: A pipe used to exhaust smoke, gas or air. All gas type fireplaces have them I assume. With the help of small catalytic converters, the Vertigo has “the ability to burn off the odorous and stale air in the room and efficiently return warm and neutral air back into your airspace” and so they claimed.

I learnt 2 things today. The word “Flue” and gas fireplace (I always thought fireplaces use wood!)

Extract from West Country Fires

Maxell MXSP-1000 iPod Speaker

November 16, 2006

At (600x50x50)mm, 810g , 4.8W + 4.8W, 130~20KHz, its small and… useless? Its nice, looks dangerous, can hang on wall on top of my 32″ LCD TV…

I thought Maxell sells batteries…

Extract from Maxell


By simply attaching the removable microscopic module, which
features lens magnifications ranging from 60x to 150x, to a digital Canon
SD600 six-mega pixel camera, the unit easily transforms into a fully
functional field microscope in a matter of seconds.

The portable digital camera-microscope unit can be utilized by
law enforcement officials conducting forensics research to capture
microscopic images right at the crime scene. The iLoupe also ensures
quality control in a variety of industries, providing effective, on-site
inspection of fabrics and industrial components. In the automotive
industry, the user-friendly iLoupe can assist manufacturers and suppliers
in detecting and documenting defects on the assembly line and prior to

The camera is obscenely ugly… hope it is not adapted to Ixus only… with its potential, its can be a sell out if its adaptable to all digital cameras and mobile phones.

Extracted from PRNews