Comic Room

November 15, 2006

A characteristic touch is that every corner and angle is outlined with a thin, hand-drawn, black line – whether on the ceiling, on the bed, or around a plug. The result is a dollhouse-like, comic book room with papaya green walls, a sunny yellow rug, a lilac bed and a pink cupboard. Graphics and decorations by the artist complete the design.

You can do it too… just use black insulation tape or graphic tape.

Extract from Arte Luise Kunsthotel


Evil it looks, bad intention it might have…

This mouse has the power of flight…. almost. You can use this mouse in the air or on the desktop. Using standard optical sensor for desktop and ‘gyro sensor’ when you move it around in the air, maybe this is the answer to wrist injuries… just don’t hit somebody while using it (which might cause more bodily harm)

Extract from Buffalo