The HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion delivers a sleek all-in-one navigation, productivity, and entertainment device to mobile professionals. It not only offers the benefits of a Windows Mobile PDA but also integrates GPS into the mix. 

The travel-friendly handheld measures just 120.5 x 76 x 16.5mm and weighs 170g ounces, has a 3.5-inch, QVGA touch screen, 400 MHz processor, 2Gb ROM, 64Mb RAM, SD, SDIO, MMC expansion slot, Removable, rechargeable 1,700mAh Lithium-ion battery, Windows Mobile 5.0, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB. It is slow to acquire an initial satellite fix and as subpar battery life…

Design wise, its very different from the current PDAs, and has a portrait view for navigation.


Sweetskin Bike tires

November 13, 2006

When it comes to cycling, combining safety with style is not always easy. However, these new bicycle tires from Sweetskinz merge the two effortlessly. Sweetskinz are a range of nocturnal tires which are light reflective at night.

Unlike many reflective add on features, the entire rubber tire itself is reflective. With urban edge, graffiti inspired patterns such as the fiery Scorch and the snake like Rattleback, riders can be seen at night in style… woot! Fierce and safe!

Extract from SweetSkinz

To express the idea of “feeling the time”, not “measuring the time”.
Time is shown by revolving slowly on its axis once every hour with an ambiguous change in its inclination. The preciseness of a Japanease craftman technique is used to make this delicate shape revolve smoothly. This is a level of thinking way up there…

Extract from Vinta

Random pic of the week

November 13, 2006

Put in a penny, twist the tap, get a fighting fish? Hmmm… maybe it can be a fast way of changing the water…