FATBEAR flashdrive, has 2 heads

November 11, 2006

Fatbear reminds me of the headless bear I posted 2 months ago which was custom made… I find it so one of a kind, cute and laughable. This one has no fur, but comes in pastel colours and is more “humane” because it has another head underneath the bear costume. Not as fun but still adorable.

Extract from PC Watch

2 Responses to “FATBEAR flashdrive, has 2 heads”

  1. […] When I first saw this USB flashdrive design via Technogad, I find it so cute that I started forwarding its website to my students. Some of them agree with me while some don’t. I guess each of us has our own perspective of what is considered cute. Yet all of them have a single common agreement. They all said that the flashdrive is outrageously expensive! They feel that is not worth to spend 3,980yen (i.e. around 50SGD) for a 256MB flashdrive, even if it looks cute. What’s more, we have to pay additional oversea postage cost. […]

  2. admut239 Says:

    that is both cool and irritating at the same time. All that bulk can be annoying when usb ports are stacked.

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