LG KG920

November 11, 2006

Solid build quality; swivel design allows for innovative shooting angles; numerous dedicated keys; 5-megapixel CCD with autofocus; bundled with second battery; bright LCD screen; good image quality; Xenon strobe flash. Not 3G, not smart. Looks like ancient voice recorder. Nice machine for spies and sci-fi movies…

Extract from CNET Asia

Freestyle Audio DMP is small and  it’s completely waterproof. Designed to handle the harsh, unforgiving nature of the mountain, the DAP promises “skip-free” playback from the built-in 512MB of storage and “40 hours” of battery life. It also comes bundled with the SR Can-Can Earflaps to conveniently attach to your helmet and keep the cabling under control.

At USD199.95 and Helmet not included. Crazy!

Extract from Shred Ready

Question Mark Motion Speaker

November 11, 2006

With a wave of your hand you can adjust the volume or tune in to a different FM radio station. All under a soft ambient glow.

Small speaker, big glow, battery or USB powered and speak to aliens…

Extract from Question Mark Entertainment

ONYX presentation remote

November 11, 2006

The RemotePoint ONYX presentation remote carries its own USB Auto RF receiver, which operates at up to 100-feet, and automatically switches between 64k unique addresses to make sure nobody else starts running your presentation. The unit also has a built-in laser pointer, the requisite buttons, and a nifty clock to keep you on schedule.

BTW, its the size of a matchbox… It interesting because I have never used a presentation remote before…

Extract from Engadget

Fatbear reminds me of the headless bear I posted 2 months ago which was custom made… I find it so one of a kind, cute and laughable. This one has no fur, but comes in pastel colours and is more “humane” because it has another head underneath the bear costume. Not as fun but still adorable.

Extract from PC Watch