Auto-measure Spice Carousel

November 8, 2006


Spice bottles on a rotating base, can be free standing or under-cabinet mounted, stackable bottles dispense ¼ teaspoon at a time, no need for measuring spoons, bottles also have pop tops for shaking and pouring.

Actually I was more impressed by the six shooter, barrel-like look (although there are 8 bottles in total).

Extract from tinyliving

If you are not careful, you could be charged for child abuse, child labour or worse, slavery!

Make your kids exercise if they want to play your PS2, its good exercise… and it could save you some money. Imagine playing 3hrs a day each, both you and your kid will have had the fun while your kid has 6hrs of exercise and you save 6hrs of electricity.

Disclaimer: If your kid dies from exhaustion, its not my fault

Extract from Gymkids

The PRONTO condom can be applied in a few seconds. And it’s a lot more convenient to use, compared to an ordinary condom. You simply crack the pack open and unroll the condom directly onto the penis.

Designed in Africa, looks like sweet cookies, makes life great, sustains the passion… 100% safe or not, I don’t know… but if it fails, you are only just creating life. Step by step guide after the jump or click on the link to watch the fast action video demo. I think its great.

Extract from Pronto

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Nixon Dictator

November 8, 2006

I don’t know whether Nixon is really a Dictator when he was president, but this retro look of a digital watch can record your voice and thus “dictates”. Everything nice from form to finishing… I like!

Extract from Nixonnow

Spin kitchen appliance

November 8, 2006


A series of kitchen appliances (juicer, blender and coffee grinder), all using a two speed motor that is embedded in the countertop. All appliances are easily connected to the base unit. Not really out of this world innovative but I like the simple form and graphic detail.

Extract from designboom