Oakley THUMP PRO and bros

November 7, 2006

Look at the history of  Oakley MP3 and bluetooth sunglasses and notice how the design has toned down, more subtle, easier to mix with your clothes. I don’t understand why Oakley is doing this… I mean why make MP3 shades? I don’t think its a lucrative category, Juliets are a much better deal (although I have to say, I did not look at their sales figures). What I know is this. I started buying Oakleys since 1995, I have 19 pieces at this date but I did not even bother taking second glances at the MP3 shades… I did not even looked at the bluetooth RAZR wire when it was launched.

For USD349 for the 1Gb version of the new Oakley Thump Pro that plays for only 6 hrs before you need to juice it again… I have a suggestion. Why not just make Bluetooth stereo headphones using Medusa or Over the Top as a language? I will buy that because it makes more sense.

Extract from Oakley


Vibra Sounder

November 7, 2006


Making sound using vibration is not new but now it has a simpler and appealing shape. Just place this cube on any solid surface of glass, wood, stone or even wall to vibrate according to music played. As a result, your table, window or even wall becomes a loudspeaker. The Mini-type VIBRO Sounder is specifically designed to used with your PDA, mobile audio equipment CD, MP3/4- or DVD-Player and for Notebook and Laptop business presentations.

Extract from Compact

USB enabled for power directly from your computer, 800dpi resolution, the Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon) underside for super smooth glide (and it doesn’t stick when you fry an egg on it), 10m bluetooth range, and stylish but hand/wrist killing  form factor, all for only USD85.

Maybe it skips on water too…

Extract from SonyStyle USA