This is an ugly piece of remote, but it’s actually a big step to a digital home. The InVoca 3.0 Voice-Activated IR Remote can learn voices of up to four different users, and uses 25 single word commands and an equal number of multi-step commands that to control your TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, even your entire home theater system, up to four different devices. Only USD49.99 to make you feel like you got an expensive State-of-the-art digital home.

Extract from SmartHome

Fruit Powered Clock

November 6, 2006

This fruit powered digital clock and calendar combines micro-electronic technology with the natural electrical potential of a fresh fruit or vegetable (Works like how a battery would). Just add fresh juice. Only USD14.95 each excluding fruits. It did not state how long the clock can run on the fruit though… but I know it can’t stay fresh for long in the open air.

Extract from PhysLink


Have it ever occurred to you, or you have thought about it, that your pets and you are at risk when in the car because they don’t have their seat belts on? I have thought about the safety of the driver, but never of the dog. A seat belt for dogs?

It reduces driver distraction, the Quick Control™ Leash + Seat belt latch is a comfortable, durable, adjustable leash with an integrated, universal seat belt connector that prevents your dog from moving around and distracting you while driving, adding safety and convenience when traveling with your dog. 2 thumbs and 2 toes up for the guy/gal who thought of this simple innovation.

Extract from Bamboo Pet

Random pic of the week

November 6, 2006

Oh my goat… dog… crap… its dead… asleep… Will you wipe your shoe on it?